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A United Church of Christ


A United Church of Christ


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Lent... In the tradition of the Christian church, it is a sacred season for the faithful to prepare for Easter.  The length of the Lenten fast, during which an observant eat sparingly, was established in the 4th century as 40 days.  In the Eastern churches, where both Saturdays and Sundays are regarded as festival days, the period of Lent is the eight weeks before Easter; in the Western churches, where only Sunday is regarded as a festival, the 40-day period begins on Ash Wednesday and extends, with the omission of Sundays, to the day before Easter.  The observance of fasting or other forms of self-denial during Lent varies within Protestant and Anglican churches.  These bodies emphasize penitence.  The Roman Catholic church has in recent years relaxed its laws on fasting. According to an apostolic constitution issued by Pope Paul VI in February 1966, fasting and abstinence during Lent are obligatory only on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Lent...  In our modern Protestant tradition of Christian faith, this is a time for looking at how our faith can shape and improve our daily lives.  It is a passage of discipline we travel through, where prayer is perhaps more intentional, personal devotion disciplined and more moments of meditation taken in each of these 40 days that point us to the promise of Resurrection!

Lent... in the life of our church, affords us many opportunities for the good growth of our Christian faith.  The music shared on Sunday morning's are grounded in the sacred.  The great words of scripture tell of the final days of passion and promise in the life of Jesus.  We will come to terms with the reality of death... and the eternal promise of life!

I'd invite you to share these sacred days with me... as we travel toward the Cross of Calvary and an empty tomb!  In all the days we pass through year to year, none are more moving or filled with mystery that these.  May the living spirit of a Risen Christ walk with you through these Lenten days!

In Service to His Church,

Rev. David L. Hunting  


Ash Wednesday in the tradition of the Christian Church, is a time of preparation and prayer.  Join us at 7:30 p.m. on March 8th for this moving and memorable evening that begins our 40 day journey through Lent.  There will be quiet music to enjoy, thoughtful words to meditate upon, and an opportunity to surrender to God those shortcomings or weaknesses that we might want to give up for Lent.  Our spiritual journey will be nourished in a private moment to kneel at the communion table for the breaking of bread and passing of a common cup.  We hope you will find the time to begin your Lenten pilgrimage this year at this reflective service that is always well remembered.


 You won’t want to miss church on Sunday, March 12th

Our Sanctuary Choir, Women’s Ensemble and Mixed Ensemble will share some beautiful, uplifting music with us accompanied by guest instrumentalists.  It will be a morning for sharing some of the "Old Time Religion!"



1 Steve Sinn 1 Marian Flynn, Bill Koerner, Christie Simmons
2 Pat Flynn, Ray Hansen 2 Amanda Logan
5 Les Jurgens, Kevin Moore, 
Roy Stearns
5 Peggie Yager
6 Jo Hamilton 6 Jan Hinkley
7 Angela Smetanka 8 Kara O/Brien, Bob Jackson, Michael Chapman
8 Floyd Lee 10 Pam Ramsey
9 Ian Stewart, Barbara Stearns 12 Stephanie Gamez
10 Molly Rich Stephens 13 Wayne Denmark, James Dunkley
11 Jean Gabardi, Roberta Denmark 14 Edna Jones, Bill Bennett
14 Marty Garretson, Brian Woods 15 Sue Kwiecien
16 Bea Friedman 17 Jean Garrity
17 Graham Wren, Abby Nimz,
 Chuck Mensing, Jodee Lofgren, Penny Bauers
18 Holly Harris, Katherin Dunlevy
19 Jim Colman 19 Madison Stuart, Tim Otwell
20 Blake Ramsey, Margaret Marshall 20 Ray Wolfe
21 Carol Roberts, Will Hinkley 22 Luara Beard, Gail Stuart
22 Sharon Chapman, James Noriega 23 Diane Ramsey
23 Daryl King 26 Greg Baker, Brian Jones, Debra King
24 Irene Zerbe 27 Ken Yager
25 David Hunting 28 Lizzy Rich, Christine Carr
26 Ginny Suazo, Frank Platts 29 Nancy Weidaman
28 Lise Hunt, Pat Bradley 30 Joseph Hamilton, Branden O'Brien, Lori Chasteen
29 Judy Regg, Ron Lancaster    
30  Bob Henson    
31 Annie Weizenecker, Morris Deul    


29 years on the 6th Jan & Will Hinkley
3 years on the 8th Tinker & Steve Simmons
12 Years on the 12th Nancy & Jay Lindley
24 years on the 13th Darleen & Bob Decker
the 19th Deborah & Dan Wecks
3 years on the 22nd Janelle & Chris Bateman
22 years on the 7th Sue & Jim Kwiecien
12 years on the 16th Kathy & Curt Nimz
17 years on the 18th Jo & Morrie Hamilton
20 years on the 20th Pam & John Ramsey
15 years on the 20th Donna & James Dunkley
64 years on the 22nd Lois & WIllard Osburn
20 years on the 26th Debra & Dan King


Daylight Savings Begins

April 2, 2000


Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Maxine Garansson, at the death of a great-grandbaby, KAMRYN JULANE BERRIDGE born Oct. 5, 1999 and died Jan. 29, 2000.  Blessings to Maxine's family.

Joyce & Sam Shiffler celebrate the birth of their first great-granddaughter. 

DAKOTA RIAN MAY was born to Jennifer (Ford) & Greg May in Stockton CA on Monday, February 28th. Grandparents are Debi & Jon Ford of California.

Rev. David Hunting for being honored with the “Founder’s Award” at the Westside CARES Annual dinner meeting in January.    Rev. Hunting served for two years as Chairman of the board.


The following couples were recently united in Christian marriage.  We extend our best blessings to these happy people, who stood before the altar at our church, and best wishes to each of as they begin their married lives together.  

Molly Rich and Craig Stephens,  Saturday, January 8th.  Molly is the daughter of Becky & Terry Rich. 

Delaine Gungler and Tim Otwell, Saturday, January 22nd.  Tim’s parents are Gloria & Daryl Otwell.
Mary Ripper & Gregory Baker, Saturday, March 25th, Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Sugarland, Texas.  Greg is the son of Linda and Rich Baker.

Go For Greatness With God!


A Capital Campaign for Community Congregational Church

Our Capital Campaign goal of 1.3 million is challenging, but no one is asked to do it alone.  This is an all-church effort which can be accomplished if all of us join together in regular and generous giving over the next three years.  This guideline is not designed to tell us what we MUST give.  It’s purpose is to help us decide how much we CHOOSE to give.  We are challenged to pray about our decision in stretching toward levels of giving we’ve never before achieved.  As we respond faithfully to this challenge, choosing a gift that reflects our gratitude to God and our commitment to Christ’s Church, we can expect not only to reach our goal, but also to discover new joy in our life together as God’s people.

Over A Three Year Giving Period




$ 40,000


$ 30,000


$ 20,000


$ 10,000  ($64/week)


$  7,5000  ($48/week)


$  5,000  ($32/week)


$  2,500  ($16/week)


$  1,500  ($9.60/week)


$  1,000  ($6.40/week)


Up to $1,000

This level of giving will allow us to MAKE ROOM FOR GOD’S PEOPLE by reaching our Capital Campaign goal.


Many of us have been considering how much we can afford to pledge to the Capital Campaign over the next three years.  For many of us, our pledge will be met through contributions from our regular income and will involve changing our spending habits and making some changes in our lifestyle.  We encourage everyone to consider stretching to reach a pledge level step or two up from where they see themselves on the below giving chart, as a bit more each week means a lot more for the campaign over three years!


Some things to consider as you think about what you can pledge. 

Item to Do Without Saved Per Week Saved Over Three Years
One six pack of Coke   $ 2.50    $390
One video rental        $ 3.00 $  468
One six pack of beer $6.00 $936
Two Movie Tickets $12.00 $1,872
One Delivered Pizza $15.00 $2,340
One family dinner at Burger King $22.00 $3,432


Capital Campaign Celebration is set for May 7th, 2000.  Goal to raise 1.3 million dollars.  During the week of May 7th the board of witnessing stewards will be meeting individually with each member and friend of the church to receive a commitment for a pledge or gift for the restoration project.  Please plan on this time to help celebrate the growth and restoration of our church!

For more information on the church restoration and rebuilding program, be sure to see the website.  Click here to visit it  E 



A special offering for One Great Hour of Sharing will be taken this coming April 2nd.  This annual offering sponsored nationwide by our United Church of Christ, helps to provide relief for displaced persons, victims of famine and natural disasters throughout the world.  Thank you for reaching out globally through this important ministry of our wider church.

Mission and Stewardship Board members for 2000

Barb & Lou Carpenter (Chairperson)
Jan & Will Hinkley
Ginny Suazo
Miles McDonald
We welcome your questions, concerns and suggestions.



Community Congregational Church of Manitou Springs
103 Pawnee Avenue
Manitou Springs, Colorado

To:  All parents of the church with children 5th grade and older
From:  Rev. David Hunting
Re:  Confirmation Class 

What is a Confirmation Class?  Simply put, it is time to learn about matters of Christian faith that help confirm a young person’s religious beliefs and commitment to walk with God through life!  Confirmation prepares young minds and spirits to ask faithful questions.  It celebrates the blessings of life that come with faith!  It is a time to look at maters that speak about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, our church and the religious traditions, which build character and common values. Confirmation Class helps a young person be faith-full!

This spring our church will offer a Confirmation Class experience for all young people who are in the 5th grade and older.  They will meet every other Monday evening from 6:30 to 8 o’clock at a different home for food, fun and most importantly faith!  The minister of the church will be meeting with them on a regular basis to offer religious instruction and guidance.  Our Youth Director will also be on hand to help promote good relationships and peer support among the group.

There will also be a work book published by our United Church of Christ, that your son or daughter will complete that covers such topics as “How We Got Our Bible, Why Christians Care for Others, What Protestants Believe, and Why Is Faith Important” to name but a few.    In short… this experience will add balance and perspective to your child’s growing Christian development and faith.

This year’s Confirmation Class will run throughout the spring, summer and fall months.  Along the way there will be special outings, camping trips and retreats for your child to attend.  Shortly before Christmas all young people who would like to formally join the church – will be welcomed to do so – having found the ground upon which a lasting faith can stand.

Needless to say… active participation is essential and mandatory.  This must become a high priority in your life.  People have long said that a church should offer an active and vital youth program to families.  The resources to do just that are in firmly in place.  Your commitment to be supportive and participate fully is all that is needed to make great things happen!

If you have any question, please feel free to ask Rev. Hunting, Trevin Bensko-Wecks or a member of the Christian Education Board.  Reservations to be a part of this year’s Confirmation Class need to be in no later than April 1st.  A simple phone call to the church office by that time will do. 

We hope that the time and effort we are willing to put into your child’s life, will fulfill a need that you find important.  It will be a privilege to share with them the ways of Christ’s love… that will walk with them for a lifetime!

In Service to the Church 

Rev. David L. Hunting

Mr. Trevin Bensko-Weck
Youth Director


(Activities are at church unless otherwise stated.)

Monday, March 6th
"Something Fishy"
Game Night
7-9 p.m.
Sunday, March 12th
All Youth Sit Together in Church
First 2 Rows - North Side
9:55 a.m.
March 25 to April 3
Spring Break
Monday, April 3rd
Movies at Trevin's House
6:30-9 p.m.
Monday, April 10th
Confirmation Class Begins
Ramsey Household
5th Grade and Up
Monday, April 17th
"Something Fishy"
Easter Egg Fiesta
7:9 p.m.
is our High School Group
"Something Fishy"
is our Middle School Group
Confirmation Class
5th Grade and Up
RSVP to Church Office

Trevin Bensko-Wecks... he can be reached at the following e-mail address 
Home Phone:  635-9425
1132 North Institute, Colorado Springs, CO  80903


We are once again going to send “Care” packages to our scholarship recipients who are (hopefully) concentrating on their studies and preparing for final exams.  We will be stuffing our little packages with tea, cocoa, candies, power bars and other “crunchy-munchies” to get them through this stressful period of their academic year.  If you have any ideas on what we can add to these packages, or would like to donate something, please contact Pat Bradley or Ginny Suazo.  We will be meeting near the end of March to pack them up and ship them off in time for finals.  (Five students currently receive scholarship assistance through our church.)

 If you are interested in a scholarship application, please contact any member of the Scholarship Board or Patsy Adams in the church office.  The deadline for applications, either new or renewal, is April 10, 2000.


Each and every year all members of our church are asked to pay their “per capita” dues of $10 per individual member.  For example:  if you are a couple your per capita dues would be $20, if your family is a couple with two children who have been confirmed your “per capita” would be $40, if you are a couple with 3 small children it is $20. 

Break-down of distribution of Per Capita dues:

       $5.00 is sent to the United Church of Christ’s Rocky Mountain Conference Office in Denver to help maintain their office, offer programs, help with new church starts, etc. 

      $.25 goes to the Southeastern Association of the Rocky Mountain Conference (this includes all United Churches of Christ

.0 churches in the southern part of Colorado).

      $.75 – to the Mission efforts of our local Church

      $4.00 – Westside CARES – assists with programs for the ecumenical outreach of Westside churches.

 So that you will be current with your “per capita” dues, please send in your check and the bottom part of this form as soon as possible (or put it in the collection plate on Sundays).  If you have a question as to how many people for which you should pay “per capita”, call the church office.  Notices will be sent out soon to those persons who have not yet paid “per capita” dues.  Please help us by getting yours in soon.  Thank you!


Share Your Prayers

Use the space provided below to share a joy or concern us.
They will be lifted up in prayer during our Sunday morning worship.


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